IMG_0095There’s something about the USA that brings creative ideas out of me. It’s the creative energy, I think. It excites and inspires me no end.

Amazing thinkers, writers, musicians, photographers, innovators… they are everywhere. Every second person you meet will share their creative vision with you. I love that. Dreams are in the air – they’re almost palpable. And possibilities are only one email or phone call away from becoming realities… So the work ethic is strong, and the passion infectious.

It was awesome to return to the USA in November and December 2015 – to reconnect with family and friends there, and to work with songwriters I admire.

IMG_0448Spending time in LA and Nashville, I was privileged to write once again with Marcella Levy (Shakespeares Sister, Eric Clapton band), producer Brian T. Murphy (The Lone Bellow, War Jacket, Sandra McCracken) and Grant Norsworthy (Paul Colman Trio, Sonicflood). We’ve got some great songs brewing, and I’m excited to share them when they’re ready.

Maybe they’ll surface as part of my solo project, maybe as church congregational songs, maybe as instrumental works… These things take time to find their feet.

Wherever the songs show up, I love knowing that different cities have shaped the sound of these songs, and that my friends have been involved in the writing.

Creative community – a beautiful thing!



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